I designed Origami for "One Thousand Cranes".
This piece of art is called "Hi wa mata noboru” (The Sun Also Rises).

One Thousand Cranes
”Fearful and confused we want to busy ourselves with trivialities that distracted us before. This is in itself a wound to our humanity. A beautiful Japanese tradition tells that a wish may be granted in response to someone with the devotion to fold one thousand origami cranes. This project seeks to draw on that ancient healing and show that the emotional blow received can be responded to through the strength of solidarity and human compassion. Artists have created beautiful designs that can be made into origami cranes. A donation to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund will allow you to download a design with instructions to guide you in making a crane. We are hoping many thousands of you will fold and then place your crane somewhere prominent so that it might inspire others to also focus their intent and devotion toward those in the grip of this tragedy.”